dinnerladies. Image shows from L to R: Jean (Anne Reid), Stan (Duncan Preston), Brenda (Victoria Wood), Twinkle (Maxine Peake), Dolly (Thelma Barlow), Tony (Andrew Dunn), Anita (Shobna Gulati). Copyright: Good Fun / Pozzitive Productions.


BBC One sitcom about a staff canteen. 16 episodes (2 series), 1998 - 2000. Stars Victoria Wood, Julie Walters, Thelma Barlow, Andrew Dunn and others.

Series 2, Episode 4 is repeated on Drama tomorrow at 4:50pm.

Series 1

1. Monday

First broadcast: Thursday 12th November 1998

It's Monday and aside from a missing delivery of granary torpedos, the team must also deal with a new, inexperienced and somewhat naive human resources manager.


2. Royals

First broadcast: Thursday 19th November 1998

A Royal visit is made to the factory; Stan hopes to be recognised by the Prince, whom he met in 1967, but the Prince is only interested in bumming a smoke and a bunk-up in a cupboard with Brenda.


3. Scandal

First broadcast: Thursday 26th November 1998

Bren's mother, Petula, turns up with a new boyfriend, Clint, who's young enough to be BREN'S son. His mother isn't best pleased, and chains herself to the factory gates in protest.


4. Moods

First broadcast: Thursday 3rd December 1998

Twinkle's worried she's pregnant, and everyone else is in a bad mood for their own reasons. Philippa decides the best way of cheering everyone up is to organise a tea party to bring their mothers along for.


5. Party

First broadcast: Thursday 10th December 1998

The canteen are tasked with catering the factory's Christmas do, and must stick to a Japanese theme as a multi-national merger is being negotiated.


6. Nightshift

First broadcast: Thursday 17th December 1998

With Tony too ill to come into work, and his cover so bad-mannered, ill-tempered, horrible and bossy that everyone save Brenda walks out, it's not the best time to have to be open for a rare night shift!


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