Cowboys. Image shows from L to R: Wobbly Ron (David Kelly), Richard Geyser (Colin Welland), Joe Jones (Roy Kinnear), Eric (James Wardroper). Copyright: Thames Television.


ITV sitcom about terrible builders. 13 episodes (2 series), 1980 - 1981. Stars Roy Kinnear, Colin Welland, David Kelly, James Wardroper and others.

Series 2

1. Was It Eddie Croucher

First broadcast: Thursday 20th November 1980

A big painting job arrives just as things look very bleak for Joe Jones Ltd.


2. On Top Of Old Smokey

First broadcast: Thursday 27th November 1980

Muriel joins the firm as Joe's new assistant and gets the lads a job repointing a curved brick wall.


3. Bell Book & Candle

First broadcast: Thursday 4th December 1980

Joe, Geyser and Eric help protect Wobbly from the man from the Inland Revenue.


4. Hurricane Leslie

First broadcast: Thursday 11th December 1980

Problems develop when an architect's instructions are misunderstood.


5. Pieces Of Hate

First broadcast: Thursday 18th December 1980

Joe and the boys make a surprising discovery while digging the foundations for a bungalow.


6. Operation Douche

First broadcast: Tuesday 8th December 1981

Joe and the lads are employed to fit a new sink next to the operating theatre at the Brompton Memorial Hospital.


7. Middle For Diddle

First broadcast: Tuesday 15th December 1981

Geyser challenges rival builder Harry Riley to a a game of darts, but victory seems less certain when Wobbly is nobbled by Harry.


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