Coupling. Image shows from L to R: Jane (Gina Bellman), Susan (Sarah Alexander), Jeff (Richard Coyle), Steve (Jack Davenport), Sally (Kate Isitt), Patrick (Ben Miles). Copyright: Hartswood Films Ltd


  • TV sitcom
  • BBC Two / BBC Three
  • 2000 - 2004
  • 28 episodes (4 series)

The trials and tribulations of six thirtysomethings struggling with life in general, but above all, relationships. Stars Jack Davenport, Gina Bellman, Sarah Alexander, Kate Isitt, Ben Miles and more.

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Series 1, Episode 6 - The Cupboard Of Patrick's Love

When it's revealed that Patrick keeps recordings of all of his sexual conquests in a special cupboard in his flat, both Susan and Steve have cause to be worried and angry about the existence of her own performance.

Further details

When Jane goes round to Patrick's flat unannounced, 'to heal our spiritual divide', she discovers that he has a cupboard full of videos. Videos he's made of him making love to various women. Word gets round, and Susan visits Patrick to ask him never to show 'her' film to anyone.

She's too late: Patrick, Steve, Jeff and Sally are all watching it already. Even worse: the woman in the film isn't even her, and nobody noticed. Patrick has taped over her. Furious with everyone in the room, she tells Steve that it's all over between them. The next day she goes over to Steve's flat and asks him to propose to her. Unfortunately, the moment is somewhat spoilt by the fact that Jeff is lurking in Steve's bed.

Broadcast details

Friday 16th June 2000
30 minutes


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Cast & crew

Jack Davenport Steve
Gina Bellman Jane
Sarah Alexander Susan
Kate Isitt Sally
Ben Miles Patrick
Richard Coyle Jeff
Writing team
Steven Moffat Writer
Production team
Martin Dennis Director
Sue Vertue Producer
Geoffrey Perkins Executive Producer
Beryl Vertue Executive Producer
Mykola Pawluk Editor
Andrew Howe-Davies Production Designer
Simon Brint Composer

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