Carry On Laughing. Copyright: Associated Television.

Carry On Laughing (1975)

ITV sitcom inspired by the film series. 13 episodes (2 series) in 1975.

Series 2

1. Under The Round Table

First broadcast: Sunday 26th October 1975

King Arthur unites his Knights and establishes the Round Table, with the aim of protecting and presiding over a united England. Trouble is, they're absoultely hopeless!


2. The Case Of The Screaming Winkles

First broadcast: Sunday 2nd November 1975

Master detective Lord Peter Flimsy, aided by his butler, Punter, are called in to investigate at a luxurious country hotel when a guest mysteriously dies.


3. And In My Lady's Chamber

First broadcast: Sunday 9th November 1975

Sir Henry Bulgeon-Plunger's son, Willy, is back from an expedition to the Amazon basin - with a few surprises in store!


4. Short Knight, Long Daze

First broadcast: Sunday 16th November 1975

We return to the court of King Arthur to find that Sir Point of No Return, the Round Table's treasurer, has run away. Arthur, seeking advice and solace, goes to see Merlin, who prophesises the arrival of a great knight; Lancelot.


5. The Case Of The Coughing Parrot

First broadcast: Sunday 23rd November 1975

Lord Peter Flimsey and his butler, Punter, investigate the disappearance of the body of King Ramitupum from his sarcophagus. Well, they try to.


6. Who Needs Kitchener?

First broadcast: Sunday 30th November 1975

The First World War is about to break out, and whilst Sir Harry's household is preparing for war, the new footman has a rather peculiar accent indeed!


7. Lamp-Posts Of The Empire

First broadcast: Sunday 7th December 1975

The Bermondsey University Geographical Society (BUGS) venture out into the jungle, in search of lost explorer Doctor Pavingstone.