Carry On Laughing. Copyright: Associated Television.

Carry On Laughing (1975)

ITV sitcom inspired by the film series. 13 episodes (2 series) in 1975.

Series 1

1. The Prisoner Of Spenda

First broadcast: Saturday 4th January 1975

Newlyweds Arnold and Vera Basket are on honeymoon in Pluritania when the Crown Prince goes missing, amidst an abduction plot - trouble is, Arnold could quite easily be his identical twin.


2. The Baron Outlook

First broadcast: Saturday 11th January 1975

Raucous frolics as a French Knight is captured and brought to captivity at a remote castle in England in order to be ransomed.


3. The Sobbing Cavalier

First broadcast: Saturday 18th January 1975

Sir Jethro (Jack Douglas) is caught between allegiance to Cromwell - leading to death at the hands of the Royalist Cavaliers - or to King Charles - leading to death at the hands of the Parliamentarian Roundheads. Just to make his life harder, his Cavalier brother-in-law, Lovelace (Sid James), is hidden in the house.


4. Orgy And Bess

First broadcast: Saturday 25th January 1975

Hattie Jacques stars as Queen Elizabeth I. As England is on the brink of a war with Spain, she sends for the help of Sir Francis Drake (Sid James) to aid in diffusing the situation.


5. One In The Eye For Harold

First broadcast: Saturday 1st February 1975

England is surrounded on all sides as William, the Duke of Normandy, prepares to invade and gain the crown from King Harold, in his own name. But the English have a secret weapon.


6. The Nine Old Cobblers

First broadcast: Saturday 8th February 1975

Leading detective Lord Peter Flimsey is called to investigate the death of Mr Longhammer, whose body is found hidden behind the curtain of a village hall's stage.