Carrie & Barry. Image shows from L to R: Carrie (Claire Rushbrook), Barry (Neil Morrissey). Copyright: Hartswood Films Ltd
Carrie & Barry

Carrie & Barry

  • TV sitcom
  • BBC One
  • 2004 - 2005
  • 12 episodes (2 series)

Barry, a divorced London cabbie, lives with his second wife, beautician Carrie. He has a teenage daughter, Sinead, but she doesn't like Carrie at all. Stars Neil Morrissey, Claire Rushbrook, Mark Williams, Sarah Quintrell, Michelle Gomez and Mathew Horne

Character guide

Carrie & Barry. Barry (Neil Morrissey). Copyright: Hartswood Films Ltd


Cab driver.   Played by: Neil Morrissey

Taxi driver, family man and general lad Barry is married to Carrie. He and Carrie are happily married, they adore each other and are completely confident in each others company. Nonetheless, Barry has to deal with the fraught relationship between his wife and his daughter Sinead from his first marriage.

Barry seems to have a lot of bad luck, probably in part due to hanging out with his best mate Kirk, not the brightest or quickest of souls.

At the start of series two Barry manages to get himself disqualified from driving which effectively puts an end to his career as a taxi driver. He sets out to find another job.

Carrie & Barry. Carrie (Claire Rushbrook). Copyright: Hartswood Films Ltd


Beautician.   Played by: Claire Rushbrook

Beauty Therapist Carrie is married to Barry although she would rather he hadn't brought his family and friends into the marriage too.

Carrie has a 'difficult' relationship as step-mum to Barry's teenage daughter Sinead and doesn't always appreciate the company of Barry's mate Kirk (he has been known to inappropriately grope her in the past).

In series two Carrie finds out via a phone call from her mother that she is actually adopted and sets out to find who her real parents were.

Carrie & Barry. Kirk (Mark Williams). Copyright: Hartswood Films Ltd


Cab driver.   Played by: Mark Williams

Kirk is Barry's best mate and business partner (they share a taxi).

Kirk is brilliantly hapless yet never beaten. He has no filters and thus doesn't think before he speaks, this has lead him into all sorts of problems.

The less said about his dress sense and fashion sense the better though! He wears shorts all the time and no socks because he can't be bothered with all that, and football shirts. His flat is still decorated in a 1970s style - as he puts it, it is now very trendy however admittedly sticking with the brown wallpaper through the 80s and 90s was a bit of a tough time.

Kirk is very active and interested in loads of stuff, but a bit frustrated, especially in the trouser department - he has been known to make drunken passes at Carrie and other women.

Carrie & Barry. Sinead (Sarah Quintrell). Copyright: Hartswood Films Ltd


Barmaid (Series 1), traffic warden (Series 2).   Played by: Sarah Quintrell

Sinead is Barry's teenage daughter from his previous marriage. She is pretty and hence gets a lot of attention from men, none of whom Barry thinks are suitable.

Sinead used to work in the local pub as a barmaid but can now be found sticking parking tickets to car windscreens as she has become a traffic warden.

Sinead used to regularly be in a bad mood however now she is with her new boyfriend Adrian she is much happier - Barry would probably prefer she was still single though as he isn't a big fan of her new fella.

Carrie & Barry. Michelle (Michelle Gomez). Copyright: Hartswood Films Ltd


Beautician.   Played by: Michelle Gomez

Michelle is Carrie's best friend and work partner.

A beautician by trade, Michelle is known for her sharp tongue and woe betide anyone who gets in her bad books. She has had plenty of boyfriends but no long-term relationships yet. Perhaps Kirk will prove to be her ideal man... unlikely!

Being unpredictable and a bit mad gives Michelle a lot of space. She is currently obsessed with changing her body to attract more men.

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