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Bad Bridesmaid

ITV2 comedy with hidden cameras. 6 episodes (1 series) in 2014. Stars Anna Morris, Holly Burn, London Hughes, Sarah Campbell and others.

Press Clippings

Bad Bridesmaid: Hen weekend virgin?

Follow these five naughty tips to guarantee everyone has a fun time.

Anna Morris, Metro, 16th October 2014

Comedian Anna Morris hits a party of unsuspecting hens with a bridesmaid from hell in the last of the series. Bride-to-be Zoe has to convince her friends that crystal-loving artist Daisy is a long-lost cousin of the groom's to win a dream honeymoon. "I don't like racism," deadpans Daisy. "Or people who don't recycle." And then off she goes on a rampage to ruin the hen weekend by flirting with Arg from Towie and hogging the limelight. The toe-curling and over-the-top antics are ridiculously amusing.

Hannah Verdier, The Guardian, 16th October 2014

Sarah Campbell: 5 ways to cause havoc at a hen do

Bad Bridesmaid continues over on ITV2 tonight with comedienne Sarah Campbell going undercover as ever cautious and straight-laced Bobbie - aka fake bridesmaid to bride-to-be Leanne.

Sarah Campbell, Metro, 2nd October 2014

London Hughes on 5 ways to cause mayhem

Bad Bridesmaid London Hughes goes all-out diva with 5 ways to cause mayhem at your best friend's hen do.

London Hughes, Metro, 25th September 2014

Bad Bridesmaid, TV review

There was some amusement to be had in watching the other hens progress from nervous giggles to outright hostility, but the behaviour of Francesca (aka comedian Anna Morris) was never outrageous enough to really entertain.

Ellen E Jones, The Independent, 12th September 2014

Bad Bridesmaid: It's cringing but hilarious!

ITV2 might just have a hit on their hands with Bad Bridesmaid.

Sarah Deen, Metro, 12th September 2014

Bad Bridesmaid Francesca's 5 ways to cause havoc

Here, 'Francesca' gives you her top tips to create havoc at your best friend's hen do, if you dare...

Anna Morris, Metro, 11th September 2014

This new six-part comedy gameshow has much in common with E4's Meet The Parents: while that format saw unsuspecting folk meet their partners' phoney families, this one follows hen parties infiltrated by a "pal" of the bride. The first of these fictitious friends is plummy PR/singer-songwriter Francesca (comic Anna Morris), who makes a big impression at Becky's celebrations. The claws are soon out, but in order for the bride to bag a luxury honeymoon, her real mates mustn't twig the ruse. Ridiculous and highly watchable.

Hannah J. Davies, The Guardian, 11th September 2014

Eventually, there will surely be a reality TV show in which commissioning executives have to guess which of the reality TV shows being pitched to them is actually a satirical send-up of the genre. Meanwhile, we have this second-tier ITV offering in which a hen weekend or wedding party has been infiltrated by an actor playing an "over the top" character who the bride insists is a long lost-friend or family member. Only the bride and the imposter know what is going on until the end, when the mayhem is explained, although, writing this, it seems increasingly probable that ITV has slipped in a fake press release to test us.

Mark Lawson, The Guardian, 7th September 2014

ITV2 orders Bad Bridesmaids

ITV2 has ordered six episodes of Bad Bridesmaid, a new format in which comedians attempt to disrupt hen weekends.

British Comedy Guide, 5th June 2014