Babylon. Image shows from L to R: Finn (Bertie Carvel), Liz Garvey (Brit Marling). Copyright: Nightjack


  • TV comedy drama
  • Channel 4
  • 2014
  • 7 episodes (1 series)

Police-based comedy drama focuses on the over-stretched Metropolitan Police Force. James Nesbitt stars as Chief Constable Richard Miller. Stars James Nesbitt, Brit Marling, Paterson Joseph, Jonny Sweet, Bertie Carvel and more.

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A sniper is on the prowl, picking people off, seemingly at random, across London. It's a hectic first day for new head of PR, Liz Garvey.

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Babylon. Richard Miller (James Nesbitt). Copyright: Nightjack

Coppers. The Sweeney. Plods. The Old Bill. London's police force - the oldest in the world - is in need of a public image revamp, and Chief Constable Richard Miller has found just the woman to do it.

Introducing Liz Garvey - an American visionary from the world of new media, parachuted in to revolutionise a PR department struggling to keep up in an age of rolling news, smart phones and a news-breaking, information-hungry public.

Also running operations at police HQ are Commissioner Miller's right-hand man Deputy Commissioner Charles Inglis, loyal Staff Officer Tom Oliver and Liz's second-in command, Finn. Out on the streets Territorial Support Group (TSG) officers Davina and Robbie are tasked with upholding the peace - though Robbie would much rather be playing with the big boys of Specialist Firearms Command (SCO19), joining the likes Officer Neil. Meanwhile they're trailed by fly-on-the-wall TV cameraman Matt Coward, desperate to capture some juicy footage at the heart of the action.

Broadcast details

Sunday 9th February 2014
Channel 4
90 minutes


Show past repeats

Date Time Channel
Saturday 2nd January 2016 10:30pm London Live
Friday 8th January 2016 10:30pm London Live

Cast & crew

James Nesbitt Richard Miller
Brit Marling Liz Garvey
Paterson Joseph Charles Inglis
Jonny Sweet Tom Oliver
Bertie Carvel Finn
Ella Smith Mia
Martin Trenaman Miles
Jim Howick Gerry
Jill Halfpenny Davina
Adam Deacon Robbie
Cavan Clerkin Clarkey
Andrew Brooke Officer Neil
Nick Blood Warwick
Stuart Martin Tony
Nicola Walker Franklin
Daniel Kaluuya Matt Coward
Mark Womack Hopwood
Guest cast
Joanne Adams Red BMW Woman
Arinda Alexander Uxbridge TV Reporter
Ako Ali Kurdish Protestor
Layke Anderson Aide
Tom Andrews SCO19 Commanding Officer
Will Austin SCO19 Officer
Navin Chowdhry Adeel
Sam Coulson Patrick
Spencer Cummins TSG Commanding Officer
Skye Degruttola BMW Child
Roxy Dunn Cathy
John Glynn Householder
Dan Jay Green Calvin
Elena Hargreaves PCSO Fiona Lovett
Sally Hurst Ollie's Girlfriend
Marek Larwood London Mayor
Tom Lawrence News Producer
Vince Leigh PC On Screen
Polly Maberly Female IPCC Investigator
Nathan Mack Tyler
Wendy Meredith Penny
Ntonga Mwanza Newham Street Man
Glyn Pritchard Ollie
James Robinson PCSO's Husband
Ian Targett Male IPCC Investigator
Matthew Tennyson Counsellor
Craig Whittaker ARV Officer
Louise Hulland TV News Reporter
Ashish Joshi TV News Reporter
Juliet Mann TV News Reporter
Graham Rogers TV News Reporter
Barbara Serra TV News Reporter
Jon Culshaw Mayor (Voice)
Writing team
Sam Bain Writer
Jesse Armstrong Writer
Production team
Danny Boyle Director
Derrin Schlesinger Producer
Robert Jones Executive Producer
Jesse Armstrong Executive Producer
Sam Bain Executive Producer
Jon Harris Editor
Morgan Kennedy Production Designer
Rick Smith Composer


Babylon Trailer

A look at Channel 4's new cop comedy.

Featuring: James Nesbitt (Richard Miller), Brit Marling (Liz Garvey), Paterson Joseph (Charles Inglis), Jonny Sweet (Tom Oliver), Bertie Carvel (Finn), Ella Smith (Mia), Jill Halfpenny (Davina), Adam Deacon (Robbie), Cavan Clerkin (Clarkey), Nick Blood (Warwick), Daniel Kaluuya (Matt Coward) & John Glynn (Householder).

Introducing Babylon

The cast of the show introduce the pilot episode of Babylon.

The Making of Babylon

The cast talk about making the pilot episode of Babylon.

Jesse Armstrong and Sam Bain interview

Writers Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong talk about creating Babylon.

Featuring: Sam Bain & Jesse Armstrong.

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