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Ask Rhod Gilbert axed

Ask Rhod Gilbert has been axed by the BBC.

Jay Richardson, Chortle, 22nd February 2013

This week saw the return of Rhod Gilbert's panel show in which he, his two regulars (Greg Davies and Lloyd Langford) and a selection of celebrity guests attempt to answer all manner of odd questions.

This week's guests included Phill Jupitus (good comedian) and Kimberly Wyatt (not sure who she is). There was also David Hasselhoff in the role of the "Authenticator", making sure everything discussed was correct and providing extra information. I suppose it is a suitable title as you can't really call him an "Expert", unless you want to know how to make rubbish TV programmes and make it big in the German music charts.

Ask Rhod Gilbert mixes obscure knowledge and debate with very cheap laughs. In the first edition of the new series we learnt that a dog is as clever as a two-year-old, how many words we use on average in a lifetime, and that it was Hugh Heffner who brought Pamela Anderson into Baywatch (I think we can skip past that last one).

However, we also experience the traditional end-of-show humiliation in which Langford always gets mocked in some stupid way. In this week's edition it was to see which was the most dangerous foodstuff, which was tested by firing different items of food at him. This included water balloons filled with gravy and a gun firing 99 ice creams at him.

One issue I have with this show is that Gilbert announces who has won each round, despite the fact that there is no winner. Now, obviously there are some panel shows in which the scoring is irrelevant like I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue, but it's not as if there is any "competitive element" in it like ISIHAC has, so why have winners in the first place?

Ask Rhod Gilbert does have some laughs, but it's not the most brilliant show by any stretch of the imagination.

Ian Wolf, Giggle Beats, 26th September 2011

David Hasselhoff wields milk gun on Ask Rhod Gilbert

David Hasselhoff goes from Baywatch to spray-watch as he fires a milk gun at a human target.

The Sun, 21st September 2011

#AskRhod returns!

Rhod Gilbert is back with answers to all the important questions in life for a second series of Ask Rhod Gilbert... Have you got a question you've always wanted answered?

Steve Saul, BBC Comedy, 7th August 2011

Ask Rhod Gilbert to return to BBC One

BBC One has ordered a second series of comedy questions-and-answers format Ask Rhod Gilbert.

British Comedy Guide, 2nd August 2011

Rhod Gilbert's funny business

He's Welsh, a bit gruff and very funny. Comedian Rhod Gilbert tells why he gave his tour such a strange name and reveals his success is all down to a nagging girlfriend.

Lisa Williams, Wales Online, 18th November 2010

Rhod Gilbert: 'People either love me or hate me'

Insecure? Painfully shy? Can't deal with criticism? Welcome to the real world of Wales' most popular comedian, Rhod Gilbert. The stand-up shares some home truths with Nathan Bevan.

Nathan Bevan, Wales Online, 14th November 2010

Does this seem familiar? Ask Rhod Gilbert...

When BBC One launched Ask Rhod Gilbert last week, it seemed to offer a new take on the panel-show format. But viewers have been quick to point out that the show bears a remarkable similarity to another programme... BBC Northern Ireland's Great Unanswered Questions.

Chortle, 6th October 2010

Interview: Greg Davies

"When you're trying to enter something as intimidating as comedy, starting out with a support network of likeminded people is a powerful thing," Davies explains.

Jay Richardson, The Scotsman, 3rd October 2010

Lloyd Langford interview

They live together and laugh together - and now they're on a primetime TV show together. An interview with Lloyd Langford about life at home and play with Rhod Gilbert.

Abbie Wightwick, Wales Online, 2nd October 2010

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