An Immigrant's Guide To Britain. Henning Wehn
An Immigrant's Guide To Britain

An Immigrant's Guide To Britain

  • TV comedy
  • Channel 4
  • 2015 - 2016
  • 4 episodes (1 series)

Henning Wehn leads an irreverent guide to life in Britain from the perspective of some of its most notoriously polarising inhabitants. Stars Henning Wehn, Mark Silcox, Veronika Szabo, Kwame Obosei and Kamil Lemieszewski

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Series 1, Episode 1

Comedian Henning Wehn and his gang of first generation immigrants provide an irreverent guide to life in Britain. Britain can be a confusing place to settle in. Its culture, whims and inhabitants can seem a little odd to the new resident. So how best to integrate?

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In this first episode, Henning reveals how to understand what Brits really mean when they tell someone their 'presentation was fantastic' and that you 'always love having them around' (their work was awful and you wish they were dead), and Hungarian Veronika works out whether it's possible to keep a Brit talking about the weather for the best part of an afternoon.

Ghanaian Obosei tries to get his head around why Brits think spending a week in a tin box on a wheels, otherwise known as a caravan, is a holiday. And Indian Mark tries out some classic British leisure pursuits: the brutal and masochistic pastime we call rugby and the classic lads' night out.

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Monday 30th May 2016
Channel 4
30 minutes


Show past repeats

Date Time Channel
Thursday 2nd June 2016 11:50pm C4
Monday 6th June 2016 2:05am 4seven

Cast & crew

Henning Wehn Host / Presenter
Mark Silcox Self
Veronika Szabo Self
Kwame Obosei Self
Kamil Lemieszewski Self
Production team
Benjamin Green Series Director
Benjamin Green Series Producer
Becky Timothy Producer
Emily Hudd Executive Producer
Iain Wimbush Executive Producer
Louise McGregor Producer/Director
Mike Bradley Producer/Director
Mus Mustafa Producer/Director
Christian Watt Producer/Director
Andy Linton Editor
Andy Kinnear Editor
Brian P Campbell Editor
Toby Knowles Composer


No one complains

It turns out British people won't complain about anything.

Featuring: Kamil Lemieszewski.

Mark Silcox goes on a lads night out

Mark has "the best time of his life" on a lads night out.

Featuring: Mark Silcox.


German comic Henning Wehn fronts a mix of pranks and his maddeningly weak sketches, aimed at letting immigrants hold up a mirror so that native Brits can see themselves. Trivial observation is the order of the day: hidden-camera larks reveal that we like caravanning and talking about the weather, but dislike benefits claimants and making consumer complaints. Fans of scathing satire and flippant comedy will both be disappointed.

Jack Seale, The Guardian, 30th May 2016

An Immigrant's Guide branded 'racist'

Channel 4's new show An Immigrant's Guide To Britain left viewers either raging or cringing at its portrayal of Brits.

Olivia Waring, Metro, 30th May 2016

An Immigrant's Guide to Britain: review

None of this was especially groundbreaking and at times it looked a touch stagey. A bigger budget may have helped too (was it made on a shoestring?). But the programme made its point well: immigrants have a sense of humour, too.

Gerard O'Donovan, The Telegraph, 30th May 2016

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