An Immigrant's Guide To Britain. Henning Wehn
An Immigrant's Guide To Britain

An Immigrant's Guide To Britain

  • TV comedy
  • Channel 4
  • 2015 - 2016
  • 4 episodes (1 series)

Henning Wehn leads an irreverent guide to life in Britain from the perspective of some of its most notoriously polarising inhabitants. Stars Henning Wehn, Mark Silcox, Veronika Szabo, Kwame Obosei and Kamil Lemieszewski

Press clippings

Four days away from the vote, Channel 4 featured a German standing by the White Cliffs of Dover. Typical, C4. Thankfully, he is our favourite German (in a one-horse race), comedian Henning Wehn - as in "Venn diagram" but no relation. His show, An Immigrants' Guide To Britain (C4, Monday) was hilarious, done much in the style of Off Their Rockers by using foreigners to accost people in town centres. Polite locals would laugh nervously before sliding away. There's a message there: don't dwell in shopping precincts.

David Stephenson, The Daily Express, 19th June 2016

This is a comedy series, but with the EU referendum debate becoming ever more poisonous it's often hard to see the funny side here. Presented by German comedian Henning Wehn, it's a humorous documentary telling newcomers how to fit into Britain. But for how long can we chuckle about Boris when he stands ready to pull Britain out of the EU before making a grab at becoming Prime Minister?

It's hard to push aside the awful image of PM Bo-Jo shaking hands with President Trump and that rather intrudes on this light-hearted show about the quirks of British life. But tonight, Wehn encourages us to forget our looming fears and laugh about British horrors such as tinned pies and bingo and the even greater terror of standing too close to someone.

Julie McDowall, The National (Scotland), 13th June 2016

Henning Wehn on presenting An Immigrant's Guide...

Mainly that the makers consider me an 'immigrant'! Bloody cheek! I see myself as many things. Westphalian, German, European. These days definitely also Londoner and, at a push, Cockney.

Henning Wehn, The Huffington Post, 31st May 2016

German comic Henning Wehn fronts a mix of pranks and his maddeningly weak sketches, aimed at letting immigrants hold up a mirror so that native Brits can see themselves. Trivial observation is the order of the day: hidden-camera larks reveal that we like caravanning and talking about the weather, but dislike benefits claimants and making consumer complaints. Fans of scathing satire and flippant comedy will both be disappointed.

Jack Seale, The Guardian, 30th May 2016

An Immigrant's Guide branded 'racist'

Channel 4's new show An Immigrant's Guide To Britain left viewers either raging or cringing at its portrayal of Brits.

Olivia Waring, Metro, 30th May 2016

An Immigrant's Guide to Britain: review

None of this was especially groundbreaking and at times it looked a touch stagey. A bigger budget may have helped too (was it made on a shoestring?). But the programme made its point well: immigrants have a sense of humour, too.

Gerard O'Donovan, The Telegraph, 30th May 2016

Henning Wehn on 'An Immigrant's Guide to Britain'

Ahead of his Channel 4 documentary, the German comedian reflects on his identity - "I always thought being an immigrant involves moving somewhere decidedly better, rather than a slightly inferior version of your own country"

Henning Wehn, Radio Times, 3rd May 2015

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