A Sharp Intake Of Breath. Peter Barnes (David Jason). Copyright: Associated Television.

A Sharp Intake Of Breath

ITV sitcom dealing with authority. 22 episodes (pilot + 4 series), 1977 - 1981. Stars David Jason, Richard Wilson, Alun Armstrong and Jacqueline Clarke.

Series 3

1. The Spare Part

First broadcast: Friday 4th January 1980

A leaky washing machine is only the start of the Barnes's problems. Peter's attempt to acquire the necessary replacement part is easier said than done, especially with British Rail involved.


2. Just Cause Or Impediment

First broadcast: Friday 11th January 1980

Peter's lined up for best man duties, but first he needs a suit. Then there's the small matter of getting to the church on time.


3. Look Who's Coming For Ever

First broadcast: Friday 18th January 1980

When her brother and sister-in-law head for a fortnight's holiday in Benidorm, Sheila's Dad comes to stay with the Barnes'. Peter isn't keen, but ends up hitting it off with the old man, who takes him for a round of golf.


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A Sharp Intake Of Breath - The Complete Series

A Sharp Intake Of Breath - The Complete Series DVD

Release date: Monday 4th May 2015

Starring sitcom legends David Jason and Richard Wilson, this sharply scripted series details the multifarious difficulties involved in "Getting Things Done" - as experienced by young married couple Peter and Sheila Barnes.

From trying to book a holiday to being a best man, life seems to hand Peter Barnes more than...