Turf Wars. Copyright: BBC
Turf Wars

Turf Wars

  • Radio comedy drama
  • BBC Radio 4
  • 2011
  • 4 episodes (1 series)

A series of comic plays about territory, staring James Fleet, Nigel Planer and Katherine Parkinson. Stars James Fleet, Joanna Monro, Jonathan Coy, Joseph Kloska, Leah Brotherhead and more.

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Series 1, Episode 2 - An Incident At The Border

Two lovers find their romance shattered when they find themselves on the opposite sides of a new border between two countries. Starring Nigel Planer, Joseph Kloska and Leah Brotherhead.

Further details

Nigel Planer stars in Kieran Lynn's comedy in which a border guard draws a tape line through a park, dividing it into two halves in a newly divided country. But the line now separates two young lovers.

Arthur and Olivia take the sun in their local park on a beautiful summer's day. Olivia is reading a newspaper article on their country's new-found independence. It seems that no one knows quite what the terms are for the secession. Arthur couldn't care less. He's apolitical and is just enjoying watching the ducks.

Suddenly a soldier, Reiver, arrives, dragging a tape across the ground, marking out the new border. He barges between the two young lovers. Now one is on one side of the new border, and one on the other.

Arthur's attempt to cross is met with a stun-gun jolt from the guard, who has as little understanding of the new ground rules as the couple. He just knows he has been trained to be suspicious of everyone who isn't from this country, which now includes Arthur.

The drama stars Joseph Kloska as Arthur, Leah Brotherhead as Olivia and Nigel Planer as Reiver.

Broadcast details

Wednesday 16th March 2011
BBC Radio 4
30 minutes


Show past repeats

Date Time Channel
Monday 14th January 2013 11:30am Radio 4
Tuesday 25th March 2014 11:00pm Radio 4
Monday 5th October 2015 7:00am Radio 4 Extra
Monday 5th October 2015 5:00pm Radio 4 Extra
Tuesday 6th October 2015 5:00am Radio 4 Extra
Tuesday 13th March 2018 9:30am Radio 4 Extra
Monday 18th January 2021 7:00am Radio 4 Extra
Monday 18th January 2021 5:00pm Radio 4 Extra
Tuesday 19th January 2021 5:00am Radio 4 Extra
Thursday 20th October 2022 7:00am Radio 4 Extra
Thursday 20th October 2022 5:00pm Radio 4 Extra
Friday 21st October 2022 5:00am Radio 4 Extra

Cast & crew

Joseph Kloska Arthur
Leah Brotherhead Olivia
Nigel Planer Reiver
Writing team
Kieran Lynn Writer
Production team
Peter Kavanagh Producer

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