Kay Stonham
Robin And Wendy's Wet Weekends

Robin And Wendy's Wet Weekends

  • Radio sitcom
  • BBC Radio 4
  • 2001 - 2005
  • 19 episodes (4 series)

Robin and Wendy, a childless couple from Stevenage, have an unhealthy obsession with Mayfield, the model village they have built in their garage. Stars Kay Stonham, Simon Greenall, Debra Stephenson, Phil Cornwell, Amelia Bullmore and more.

Character guide


Played by: Kay Stonham

Wendy is a sympathetic character who tends to look on the bright side, which is all the more impressive when you consider what she has to contend with being married to Robin and that she lives next door to Derek and Maureen. She is certainly long suffering in that respect and tends to be the voice of reason.

Wendy is in her mid forties and works in a local government office, dealing with the public. Much of her leisure time is taken up helping Robin in the construction and maintenance of their model village Mayfield, although you sense she is less enthusiastic than he is. In short, Wendy is a kind, considerate and likeable character.


Played by: Simon Greenall (Series 1-2) and Brian Capron (Series 3-4)

Robin tends to be demanding and self-centred, and is somewhat of a control freak, particularly when it comes to his relationship with his wife, Wendy. He is selfish and if he fails to get his own way, can behave very childishly. However, he loves Wendy, although he would never tell her so, and on occasions can surprise when he demonstrates a caring side that rarely rises to the surface.

Robin has severe problems mixing with anyone he doesn't know, but becomes much more relaxed when drunk, so the suspicion is that he has an obsessive-compulsive disorder, particularly when you take into account his obsession with his model village, Mayfield. Robin works for a pump manufacturer, managing shipping and receiving in the warehouse. He demonstrates the same compulsive and inflexible behaviour at work.


Played by: Debra Stephenson (Series 1) and Amelia Bullmore (Series 2-4)

Maureen is married to Derek and they are Robin and Wendy's next door neighbours and best friends. Maureen is a bit of a gold digger and is always searching for the latest get-rich-quick scheme, although none of them are ever very successful.

Maureen dumped her previous husband for Derek, who at the time was comfortably off and successful, but she openly regrets having done so now because Derek's mental breakdown means he can no longer work and she has to support him.

She is very quick witted and often demonstrates a wicked sense of humour. Maureen is never slow to take advantage of people, particularly Wendy, who she uses shamelessly. She has an ongoing battle of wills with Robin, who is of course no match for her, and she always comes out on top.


Played by: Phil Cornwell (Series 1) and Martin Trenaman (Series 2-4)

Derek is Maureen's husband. He has had a breakdown and is taking a cocktail of prescribed drugs to treat his psychological problems. These tend to dramatically affect his moods which swing from manic to depressed with alarming regularity. He is basically a nice chap and before his breakdown was a very successful salesman, described by an ex colleague as "a legend among salesmen".

As with Maureen, you suspect that Derek is not entirely happy in his new marriage and regrets leaving his ex-wife and two boys. He has a close friendship with Wendy and they are confidants.

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