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BBC Radio 4 sitcom about science experiments. 12 episodes (2 series), 2018 - 2020. Stars James Fleet, Ryan Sampson, Cassie Layton, Kevin Eldon and others.

The Quanderhorn Collexion

The Quanderhorn Collexion

Meet the mercurial genius Professor Quanderhorn (James Fleet) - a maverick scientist with absolutely no moral compass. Join him and his rag-tag crew on their frontal-lobe-knotting escapades.

And what a crew they are: Q's part insect son, Troy, reputedly a 'major breakthrough in Artificial Stupidity' (Freddie Fox); eager young test pilot and recovering amnesiac, Brian Nylon (Ryan Sampson); brilliant scientist Dr Gemini Janussen with her half-clockwork brain (Cassie Layton); captured Martian hostage Guuuurk (Kevin Eldon); sinister janitor Jenkins (John Sessions); and synthetic-voice-commentator-later-inserted-into-diving-suit, Dolores (Rachel Atkins).

Plug in your blue and red cardboard airpods and pair your tin foil router with the Droitwich transmitter array for an adventure beyond human understanding.

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This Collexion includes both series of the BBC Radio 4 sci-fi comedy, plus 10 never-before-heard deleted scenes and interviews with the cast and crew.

First released: Thursday 17th June 2021

Deleted scenes
Churchill Full Speech (S1, E5)
Crockery Cupboard (S1, E6)
Psychopathic Wasp (S1, E6)
Guuuurk Diary (S2, E1)
Nut Merchant (S2, E2)
Bongo-playing Beatniks from Under the Sea (S2, E4)
Martian Training (S2, E4)
Martian Countdown (S2, E5)
Quanderhorn Prison Diary (S2, E5)
Make your own Martian Opera Tracks (S2, E6)

Gordon interviews Rob, Andrew and sound designer Alisdair MacGregor
Rob and Andrew interview composer Peter Brewis
Gordon interviews Freddie Fox
Gordon interviews John Sessions
Gordon interviews Rachel Atkins and James Fleet
Gordon interviews Ryan Sampson and Cassie Layton
Gordon interviews Kevin Eldon

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