Scott Bennett records Radio 4 special

Tuesday 14th November 2023, 11:24am

  • Stand-up special Scott Bennett: Stuff will be broadcast on Radio 4 on Sunday 10th December at 7:15pm
  • Bennett talks about his previous career as a product designer, and focuses on the pitfalls of consumerism
  • "I'm so excited to be doing my first Radio 4 stand-up special combining my two passions in life, comedy and design"
Scott Bennett

Scott Bennett has made a stand-up special for Radio 4.

Scott Bennett: Stuff was recorded in front of a live audience at The Stand in Newcastle in September, and will be broadcast on the station on Sunday 10th December at 7:15pm.

The special will see the comedian focusing on his current and former careers, a stand-up comedian and a product designer. The blurb explains: "Having designed many products, some of which you might have around your house, Scott feels partly responsible for the amount of stuff we all have in our lives. But Stuff is not just a show about the pitfalls of consumerism, it's about the quest for connection and the desire to feel something real. From doorbells to goldfish, if you've ever bought anything in your life, this is the show for you."

Bennett says: "I'm so excited to be doing my first Radio 4 stand-up special combining my two passions in life, comedy and design. With the amazing team at Made In Manchester, we've put together a show cram packed with jokes and thought provoking questions. If you're bullied by your smart meter, dominated by your doorbell or feeling like this endless orgy of consumerism is leaving you with a hole in your soul, then you need to listen to Stuff."

Producer Kurt Brookes says: "Scott Bennett: Stuff is the culmination of years of work between Scott and myself, who I've been in constant contact with about projects since we first worked together when Scott was a panellist on my Radio 4 series The Likely Dads in 2020. It's taken a lot to get to this point (three years, two commissioners and one global pandemic) but I know when listeners hear our fantastic show it'll be completely worth it. Made In Manchester is making great strides in radio comedy, a tough market to crack, but I'm thrilled Scott's been along with us on the ride."

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