Ian Smith to record comedy documentary for Radio 4

Monday 11th January 2021, 9:14am

  • Ian Smith is to record a comedic documentary for Radio 4 about girls getting stuck in basketball hoops
  • The special is based on true stories. Several people have got stuck in his home town of Goole
  • He says: "I'll leave no stone unturned in my quest to finding out what the hell went on"
Ian Smith.

Comedian Ian Smith is to record a comedy documentary for Radio 4.

The currently un-titled show will focus on the story of several girls who got stuck in basketball hoops in his home town of Goole, which is in the East Riding of Yorkshire.

Writing on social media, Smith confirmed: "I'm very excited to say that the people at Radio 4 have finally caved in and commissioned me to write a show. It's a comedy documentary (and I'm not making this up) looking into the time when a string of teenage girls got stuck in basketball hoops in my home town of Goole."

The show, which is expected to be broadcast in May, is being made by BBC Studios, with The News Quiz's Richard Morris as the producer.

Smith shared a news clipping on his Twitter feed to confirm that his source story is true:

Ian Smith - Basketball Hoop Project.

Speaking further about the special, Smith said: "It's been a tough time for comedians and I, like many others, have had to retrain as a serious investigative journalist. I'll leave no stone unturned in my quest to finding out what the hell went on, why the hell it went on and who the hell it went on to."

Appealing to his social media followers, he signed off with: "If you know anyone who has been stuck in a basketball hoop - or know any of the girls from, what I'm calling, 'the Goole incident', please get in touch."

Radio 4 re-shared his post, with the comment: "We're proud to engage with important local issues."

Smith has previously hosted the web series Hope You Come Up Here, in which he gave viewers a guided tour of Goole. Here is the first episode:

During lockdown, Smith has also been recording a web series called 100 Reasons To Hate, in which he rants about things that annoy him. Here's his video on the topic of the year 2020:

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