Al Murray to star in Radio 4 sketch show

Monday 12th October 2020, 3:57pm

Vanity Fair. Al Murray

Al Murray is to appear as himself in a new sketch show.

Al Murray: Totally Out Of Character is being made for Radio 4.

The producer explain: "In this show, Al appears as someone you've rarely seen or heard before... himself. But who is he? After all this time playing a character, Al has decided to put his pint glass down and reveal the man behind the Pub Landlord. Based on the things people shout in his general direction on the street, plenty of folk think they know the real Al, but how right are they?"

Al Murray: Totally Out Of Character will see the comedian appearing in front of an audience over Zoom, with the BBC recording the performance for broadcast at a later date. Spaces are available for the 90 minute recording on Saturday 31st October at 7:30pm. Free tickets

This won't be the first time the comedian has broken away from playing the Pub Landlord for a sketch show. In 2009 he appeared as various characters in his ITV show Al Murray's Multiple Personality Disorder.

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