Just William - Live!. Martin Jarvis. Copyright: Jarvis and Ayres Productions.

Just William - Live!

BBC Radio 4 comedy drama about a naughty schoolboy. 12 episodes (6 series), 2001 - 2019. Stars Martin Jarvis.

Series 3, Episode 2 - Aunt Arabelle in Charge

Further details

In Aunt Arabelle in Charge, William and his faithful Outlaws (Ginger, Douglas and Henry) encounter a strangely complacent six year-old who is staying in the village. This odious child turns out to be the hugely famous Anthony Martin, subject of his mother's best-selling books and poems.

The Outlaws need to redeem themselves in the admittedly short-sighted eyes of Ginger's journalist aunt. She, equally, is desperate to secure an exclusive interview with the child star. It's soon clear that this wonderfully constructed story is a brilliant parody of - who else - A.A. Milne's Christopher Robin.

The packed Winchester audience understood this at once. In Jarvis' inhabitation of both the smug infant and Ginger's aunt, the comedy is unremitting.

Can William sort this out and, incidentally, give the horrific child his just deserts? Blackmail is the answer, of course.

Broadcast details

Sunday 30th December 2012
BBC Radio 4
30 minutes