It Sticks Out Half A Mile. Image shows from L to R: Frank Pike (Ian Lavender), Arthur Wilson (John Le Mesurier), Miss Perkins (Vivienne Martin), Bert Hodges (Bill Pertwee). Copyright: BBC.

It Sticks Out Half A Mile

BBC Radio 2 sitcom. 14 episodes (pilot + 1 series), 1983 - 1984. Stars John Le Mesurier, Ian Lavender, Bill Pertwee and Vivienne Martin.

Arthur Wilson (Series 1)

Bank Manager.   Played by: John Le Mesurier

After the war finished, Wilson finally managed to get away from Captain Mainwaring and get a promotion at work to the level of bank manager. He now runs the bank in Frambourne.

Although Wilson no longer lives in Warmington-On-Sea, this has not stopped him from carrying on seeing Mavis Pike.

Frank Pike (Series 1)

Pier Business Partner.   Played by: Ian Lavender

Since the war Pike has since taken up a job in the ironmongery department at Woolworths. When Hodges offers him a partnership in Frambourne pier, Pike does not realise that Hodges is just using him to get a loan out of Wilson. However, Pike does get the money by blackmailing Wilson with a threat that he will tell his mother of an adulterous affair Wilson once had.

Bert Hodges (Series 1)

Pier business partner.   Played by: Bill Pertwee

Hodges decides to get out of the greengrocery business by buying Frambourne pier and making money from this new business venture. He uses Pike to help get a loan from Wilson and soon begins to use this money to renovate the pier.

Miss Perkins (Series 1)

AKA: Rosemary Perkins.  Secretary.   Played by: Vivienne Martin

Miss Perkins works as at Swallow's Bank as the chief cashier. She, just like every other woman that Wilson has ever come into contact with, has a clear love for her boss. Miss Perkins has the annoying habit of laughing loudly at any joke she hears.