David Soul


  • Radio sitcom
  • BBC Radio 4
  • 2010
  • 6 episodes (1 series)

A series set across various parallel Earths as an all-seeing narrator looks back at some of the most entertaining apocalypses ever. Stars David Soul, Simon Day, Rosie Cavaliero, Alex Macqueen and Dan Tetsell

Press clippings

iGod: Ctrl+Alt+Del Parallel Earth 404

Greetings humble reader. The Parallel Beatles once sung: "All you need is love... But failing that a shiny gadget will do."

David Thair, BBC Comedy, 29th December 2010

Radio review: iGod

A quarter of an hour of the odd, the anarchic - and the often very, very funny.

Elisabeth Mahoney, The Guardian, 23rd December 2010

iGod: A Series of Comedy Apocalypses...

Greetings humble reader,

Y'know, you dopes are always trying to predict what's going to end the world. Hell, I've heard just about every theory going: "global warming", "bankrupt biosphere", "origami tsunami", "immigrant plastic bags", "virulent hypochondria pandemic", "Top Gear stunt", "terrorist chocolate orange", "pyjama-geddon", "llama-geddon", "we'll all be haunted to death by the furious ghosts of plughole bacteria"... The list goes on and on and on, and then stops.

BBC Comedy, 22nd December 2010

The more po-faced listener could take this new comedy series as a serious treatise on heeding the warnings of environmentalists. Its central concept is that any person is capable of accidentally causing the apocalypse by just one seemingly harmless act that snowballs to cataclysmic proportions. I would hate to call any RT readers po-faced and so heartily recommend that you just wallow in the hilarious moments as we are guided by narrator David Soul to follow ordinary bloke Ian - the ever-dependable Simon Day - as an incident with a lamb shank leads to the deaths of everyone on Earth. It's all wrapped up in a brilliant Shawshank Redemption parody featuring an off-the-wall Felix Dexter in the Morgan Freeman sage-old-timer role.

David Crawford, Radio Times, 15th December 2010

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