David Soul.


BBC Radio 4 sitcom. 6 episodes (1 series) in 2010. Stars David Soul, Simon Day, Rosie Cavaliero, Alex Macqueen and Dan Tetsell.

Series 1

1. Food

First broadcast: Wednesday 15th December 2010

Ian goes to jail for manslaughter after cooking some lamb shanks. In jail he tries to redeem himself by making the world's greatest tomato soup with a certain special ingredient.


2. Ego

First broadcast: Wednesday 22nd December 2010

Ian causes the destruction of parallel earth 413 when his ego goes out of control by having demanding children of new genders. This causes problems, as there is a demand for 2,000 different public toilets.


3. Technology

First broadcast: Wednesday 29th December 2010

Tonight we see how the people on Parallel Earth 404 were wiped out when a very stupid robot based on Ian becomes a hit.


4. Fame

First broadcast: Wednesday 5th January 2011

Tonight we see how Parallel Earth 888 was wiped out by Ian's desire for fame, which occurs when a meteor crashes into his nose.


5. Procrastination

First broadcast: Wednesday 12th January 2011

This week we see how one version of Ian caused the end of the world by taking the afternoon off. Just don't leave him alone with a room full of bubble wrap.


6. Religion

First broadcast: Wednesday 19th January 2011

This week we see how Ian caused the apocalypse when he inadvertently mucks up global religion when he tells a lie.