Ed Reardon's Week. Ed Reardon (Christopher Douglas). Copyright: BBC.

Ed Reardon's Week

BBC Radio 4 sitcom about a poor writer. 88 episodes (14 series), 2005 - 2021. Stars Christopher Douglas, Philip Jackson, Barunka O'Shaughnessy, Stephanie Cole and others.

Ed Reardon's Week 14

Ed Reardon's Week 14

The complete Series 14 of the popular BBC Radio 4 comedy - plus Christmas special.

In these globally unprecedented times, Ed is also experiencing new and unusual circumstances. For the first time in 20 years, he's financially independent thanks to the timely arrival of his state pension, and living in a stylish, newly affordable 'capsule urban living unit' (a former office space converted into a flat). He has the luxury of three (organic) meals a day, all the premier catfood Elgar can eat, and even a new car - as well as free time to devote himself to his own long-cherished projects.

But old habits die hard, and Ed's soon distracted by an unexpected meeting with his ex, Maggie, a fight to save an ancient oak tree, a request to write Ping's granny's memoirs and an eye-wateringly expensive trip to the vet. On his uppers once more, Ed is unexpectedly offered two potentially lucrative projects: scripting a movie for Jaz Milvain and writing a series of biographies for Maggie. But he can only choose one job - which is it to be?

And in the festive special episode Ed Reardon's Christmas Week, Ed needs a room at the inn - the Lock Keeper's Arms, that is. But first he's got to square up to Scrooge...

First released: Thursday 19th August 2021

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