Leslie Phillips, Kenneth Connor and Kenneth Williams in Carry On Constable. Copyright: Made In Manchester Productions.

Carry On Forever!

BBC Radio 2 documentary. 2 episodes (1 series) in 2010. Features Leslie Phillips, Anita Harris, Shirley Eaton, Valerie Leon, Liz Fraser, Kenneth Cope, Jacki Piper and others.

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Happy campers who are still raising a laugh

Review of Carry On Forever!

Jane Thynne, The Independent, 22nd July 2010

Return to a more innocent (but politically incorrect) time as actor Leslie Phillips hosts this glorious two-part appreciation of the Carry On films. Beginning in 1958 with Carry On Sergeant, the series burst on to the scene just as kitchen-sink dramas and their angry young men were tearing in to the Establishment, and Hammer horror films were putting the wind up cinema audiences everywhere. Cheap, cheerful and bawdy though they were, it's fair to say the Carry On's also reflected the changing social fabric of the nation, whether it was sending up sacred cows like the NHS or the Empire, or spoofing the western, the Hammer horror and the spy movie. If you are already a fan, this will be bliss: if not, then just listen and learn.

Jeremy Aspinall, Radio Times, 19th July 2010

Radio 2 is celebrating British comedy so here's Leslie Phillips, the king of onscreen leer and chuckle, with a salute to the Carry On films which, for half a century, packed cinemas and, to this day, score highly with TV audiences. Was it because they related so closely to the events of their times (National Service, the NHS, holidays at home, holidays in Spain) or that their characters were archetypes as old as Chaucer's? Fellow Carry On actors reminisce with Phillips, clips from the archive recall those who have gone to the great sequel in the sky.

Gillian Reynolds, The Telegraph, 17th July 2010

The ding-dongs behind the scenes of Carry On

Leslie Phillips talks about his new Radio 2 programme on the classic comedy films.

Benji Wilson, The Telegraph, 16th July 2010