Beautiful Dreamers.

Beautiful Dreamers

BBC Radio 4 sitcom. 6 episodes (1 series) in 2010. Stars Nat Segnit, Toby Jones, Charlie Higson, Eleanor Bron, Simon McBurney and Kevin Eldon.

Series 1

1. The Symphony for all Creation

First broadcast: Tuesday 26th October 2010

This week Nat explores the life and work of Artur Mistek, founder of Musica Zoologika, and his attempt to make a musical composition consisting entirely of animal noises.


2. The Traitor of the Zazalcara

First broadcast: Tuesday 2nd November 2010

Nat explores the difficult life of the man who tried to counter one of world football's worst scandals.


3. The Whalemen of Musungenyi

First broadcast: Tuesday 9th November 2010

Nat meets an extraordinary group of thrillseeking "Jonahs" who offer themselves up to be swallowed by whales.


4. Crazy Bird: The Horace Wiggerley Story

First broadcast: Tuesday 16th November 2010

Nat investigates the story behind Laurel Miller's iconic photograph 'Crazy Bird', the image that captures the moment when ex-con Horace Wiggerley drove across the opening arms of the 23rd Street bridge in New York City.


5. The River Europe

First broadcast: Tuesday 23rd November 2010

Nat follows the endurance swimmer and world's fittest alcoholic Craig McKenzie's controversial attempt to complete the world's toughest swim.


6. The Stardiver

First broadcast: Tuesday 30th November 2010

Nat travels to Tuscany to meet the Uzbek dissident and billionaire Mikhail Azazev, as he prepares freefall from beyond the Karman Line - an altitude of over 100 kilometres.