Alex Edelman's Peer Group. Alex Edelman. Copyright: BBC.

Alex Edelman's Peer Group

BBC Radio 4 stand-up show in which Alex Edelman talks about millennials. 10 episodes (3 series), 2017 - 2020. Stars Alex Edelman.

Series 3

1. Cool

First broadcast: Wednesday 5th February 2020

Award-winning comedian Alex Edelman discusses the concept of "cool" and what it means today. With help from his "peer group" at the University of West London, Alex examines what is cool, how to be cool, and why it's still important today.


2. Bubbles

First broadcast: Wednesday 12th February 2020

Alex Edelman discusses the different bubbles we live in and what that means in the modern world - with help from an audience at the University of Arts London.


3. Mental Health

First broadcast: Wednesday 19th February 2020

Alex Edelman draws from personal experience to talk about mental health and its relevance today.


4. The Future

First broadcast: Wednesday 26th February 2020

In the final episode, Alex discusses the future and contemplates how it might look with the help of his peer group from the University of Arts, London.