Quiz 302

Hercules Grytpype Thynne has questions on The Good Life, One Foot In The Grave, Keeping Up Appearances, and more.

1. What was Victoria Wood's character name, in her dinnerladies sitcom?


2. On The Adam And Joe Show, one of them had a relative on the show with them - who was it?

The Adam And Joe Show. Image shows from L to R: Joe Cornish, Adam Buxton. Copyright: World Of Wonder

3. In the late 2000, Harry Hill had a blue rubber cat he used in a silly vent act. What was its name?

Harry Hill

4. Who wrote this book of funny anecdotes - The Chronicles of Hernia?

5. What was the name of Margot's Surbiton Musical Society nemesis in The Good Life?

The Good Life. Image shows from L to R: Barbara Good (Felicity Kendal), Tom Good (Richard Briers), Margo Leadbetter (Penelope Keith), Jerry Leadbetter (Paul Eddington). Copyright: BBC

6. Which mild-mannered famous actor played Glynis, who accidentally killed Victor Meldrew with her car in One Foot In The Grave?

One Foot In The Grave. Victor Meldrew (Richard Wilson). Copyright: BBC

7. Which one of these was NOT one of the four sisters in Keeping Up Appearances?

Keeping Up Appearances

8. In which theatre did Sid James die on stage?

Comedy Legends. Sid James. Copyright: 3DD

9. What was Boycie and Marlene's son called in The Green Green Grass?

The Green Green Grass

10. A Home Of Your Own, from 1965, was one of the early silent short B&W films, starring Ronnie Barker alongside many comedy actors of the day playing building tradesmen. What was the job of Ronnie Barker's character?

A Home Of Your Own
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