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Men Behaving Badly Quiz

On 1st July 1994, Men Behaving Badly switched from ITV to the BBC, a move which saw it transform into a huge sitcom hit. Today, it's re-released on DVD with a new complete box set. How much do you remember about the show now?

1. Throughout the six regular series of Men Behaving Badly, Gary (Martin Clunes) worked in an office job for a security products company. Who were his co-workers at the office?

Men Behaving Badly office

2. Dermot (Harry Enfield) was Gary's flatmate in the first series of Men Behaving Badly. What was the reason he left the flatshare, as revealed at the start of the second series?

Men Behaving Badly. Image shows left to right: Dermot (Harry Enfield), Gary Strang (Martin Clunes). Credit: Hartswood Films Ltd

3. Tony Smart (Neil Morrissey) had a number of jobs during his time on the show. What one-man business did he run when he first appeared?

4. Which of these recurring jokes do we see in Men Behaving Badly?

Men Behaving Badly. Image shows left to right: Tony Smart (Neil Morrissey), Deborah (Leslie Ash), Gary Strang (Martin Clunes), Dorothy (Caroline Quentin)

5. Name the actor who made a brief early-career appearance as a potential buyer of Deborah's flat in the Series 3 episode Casualties.

6. The Series 4 episode In Bed With Dorothy sees Gary nurse Dorothy at the flat following her appendectomy. What is the subplot to this episode involving Tony?

7. In the Series 6 episode Watching TV, what television show are the foursome viewing?

Men Behaving Badly. Image shows from L to R: Gary Strang (Martin Clunes), Dorothy (Caroline Quentin), Tony Smart (Neil Morrissey), Deborah (Leslie Ash). Copyright: Hartswood Films Ltd

8. The end credits for Men Behaving Badly were updated for each series, but followed the same setup - what was this?

9. The 1997 Men Behaving Badly mini-episode for Comic Relief sees Gary and Tony failing to recognise which celebrity?

10. On occasion, long-running sitcoms show continuity errors when looking back at the complete run of episodes. Which of these continuity issues arose in Men Behaving Badly?

Men Behaving Badly. Image shows from L to R: Tony Smart (Neil Morrissey), Gary Strang (Martin Clunes). Copyright: Hartswood Films Ltd

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