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Hi, all. It is now 2017. I joined this site in 2010 but the bill paying job got in the way. I am back !
I have always written for pleasure & love humour. My personal watching pleasures include 'The Mighty Boosh' 'Mrs Brown's boys.' Some stand ups, including Lee Evans,Sean Lock, Lee Mack, Mickey Flanagan.
I always get good ideas ( in my opinion!) for all kinds of comedy, Narrative, sketch, one - liners, etc. I have never had the time or confidence to really get involved in the mechanics of it all. How to set it all out properly without losing the flow.

My writing style is mainly narrative stuff.
I have entered a couple of competitions for fun.

I am hoping this site is for this type of thing & maybe I can make a few friends along the way.

Thanks for reading this far.
I can't understand people with no sense of humour. It is like they have a gene missing.
Writing for Stand up, one-liners, verse, lyrics, sketches, sitcom.
These are all areas I am keen to get involved with.
I have drawers full of ideas and I am determined to get to work on them.
I am entering challenges and competitions to test my writing style and gain some discipline.

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