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I've been writing comedy bits and pieces for a couple of years now. I've written sketches for the Comedy Unit's Rough Cut shows that have gone on to be used in the Edinburgh Fringe shows "Angry Puppy" and "Will and Greg: A Sketch Show". I've also written material for Will and Greg's Channel 4 pilot. U'm still trying to make a dent in the seemingly impenetrable wall that surrounds television comedy but they haven't beat me yet!

I've never written with a partner but I'd be kind of interested in giving it a go and seeing what comes of it.

To describe my humour I guess I'd say it's non-topical, situational (?) type of stuff with a leaning towards the absurd. I like dialogue but not gags so much (maybe that's where I;m going wrong!) - I like people reacting to situations, people losing their dignity, over-reactions, people acting pointlessly inappropriately - that kind of stuff.

I'm babbling. That's plenty for now.

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