Cassie Jauffret-Lenzi wins The Sitcom Mission 2018

The Sitcom Mission

Cassie Jauffret-Lenzi has won The Sitcom Mission 2018 comedy writing competition.

Her script was picked out by the judges at an industry showcase in London tonight (1st November).

This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things is a dark comedy drama series about a young woman who gets breast cancer.

The blurb explains: "This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things is a dark comedy drama series. At its heart is Jenny, a complex, screwed up, sarcastic 20-something trying to navigate modern life in London and chase her dreams while online dating, dealing with crazy flatmates, a toxic parent, a shitty day job, and a feeling that things really couldn't get much worse... Until she gets cancer."

In the showcase, Jenny was played by Kathryn Bond, with other roles taken up by David Ahmad, Katie Wells, Lucy Farrett, Hayden Wood, David Broughton-Davies and Komal Amin.

The judges included comedy producers Lucy Lumsden, Morwenna Gordon, Ben Worsfield and Louise Stevenson.

This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things is the first sitcom script that Cassie Jauffret-Lenzi has written. Her biography explains: "By day, she's a freelance creative in advertising, writing scripts for TV, radio and online. Most recently, her work tempted agency nurses back to the NHS, used a burglar character to warn against online breaches, and put voices to a certain group of pesky meerkats."

The other scripts showcased in the final were Wait For It by Helen Cattle, Woolybacks by Andrew River and Phantasmagoria by Colm Field.

The Sitcom Mission has been running for nine years. Further information can be found on the Sitcom Mission website

Published: Thursday 1st November 2018
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