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White Pebble Media

White Pebble Media are based in London and specialise in producing high quality, creative speech radio for the BBC and other networks. Laura Druce founded White Pebble in 2006 and has worked in independent radio and podcast production since 2000.

Recent productions

Year Medium Production Broadcaster Genre Summary
2011 Radio Spike Milligan - The Serious Poet. Spike Milligan. Copyright: White Pebble Media. Spike Milligan - The Serious Poet Radio 4 Documentary Spike Milligan's daughters discuss how their father's serious poetry reflected his life and personality.
2009 Radio Arturart. Image shows from L to R: Miriam Elia, Arthur Smith, Phil Nice. Copyright: White Pebble Media. Arturart Radio 4 Stand-Up Arthur Smith, leader of the new art movement 'Arturart', delivers a series of three groundbreaking lectures on his new craze.

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Comedy title launches

Year Medium Genre Production
2011 Radio Documentary Spike Milligan - The Serious Poet
2009 Radio Stand-Up Arturart
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