The Worst Writer In The World

The Worst Writer in the World

Meet Rufus & Howard. Rufus is an English teacher with a degree in literature. Howard is an unemployed idiot. One of them spent their entire childhood writing stories and scripts. Unfortunately, it was Howard.

Welcome to The Worst Writer in the World; a comedy storytelling podcast in which Rufus attempts to read everything that Howard wrote, while Howard listens and feels increasingly ashamed. Together, they'll probe the plot holes, interrogate the inconsistencies, and use their adult brains to fix the many problems with Young Howard's work.

So that maybe one day, Howard will no longer be known as: The Worst Writer in the World.

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Rapunzel, Midnight Smoke, Mystery of the Golden Bus, TARDISes FIVE, Romancing the Howard, Humanoid Mole People, The Firm, The Fall of Hemlock Chase, Notes on Love, Ginger Beesting, Abducted by Crabs, Candle of Ever, Stars, Blood Red Terror Hood, Daft John, Snowpiercer, King Pink, Rufus & Howard get Drunk & Die, The Right Way, Complicated Head (Binchleaf), Locked Room, Rufus & Howard Get Drunk & Fall in Love, Restaurant for Murderers, Siege (Doctor Who), Rufus & Howard Retell Gremlins, Collider

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  • Published: 24th January 2022
  • Length: 35 mins
  • Size: 62.6mb

We dig into Young Howard's short-lived music career, and read the angsty and occasionally weird lyrics he scribbled in his songbooks.

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