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Me1 vs Me2 Snooker with Richard Herring

Me1 vs Me2 Snooker with Richard Herring: Frame 79

Frame 79: Big Brexit. After the death of arguably the greatest sportsman of all time, Me1 and Me2 must get back together for a frame in honour of that man, but also it's timely as they have the chance to play for whether the UK stays in Europe or Brexits. But which player will play for each side (even Richard isn't sure) and is it oddly apt that the snooker board is surrounded by childish things as they try to settle the most childish of debates. It's one of the most ridiculous frames of self-playing snooker you will ever hear and I promise you it was all for real. It's also the longest. And accidentally brilliant performance art. Which is apt ahead of the Mes appearance at the Tempting Failure festival of transgressive art that is happening at the end of July. Details here

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Published: 8th June 2016.   Length: 41 minutes.   Size: 75.8mb

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