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Me1 vs Me2 Snooker with Richard Herring

Me1 vs Me2 Snooker with Richard Herring

A surreal podcast series from Richard Herring. In this show, he recreates his lonely childhood by playing himself at snooker; commentating as he plays. Madness!

Frame 80

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Published: 23rd March 2017.   Length: 24 mins.   Size: 44mb

Frame 80 - A Child's Organ. We've been away for a long time, but now for the first frame of 2017 the players and commentators have reconvened, having found a mutually agreeable space in their diaries, to play the 80th frame of Me vs Me snooker, in this long-running battle to find the best Me on the old green board. There has been some damage to the board and the room is littered with toys, but it's a thrilling frame. You will find out about an impending frame at the Reading Hexagon and all of Richard's stand-up tour dates and the impending move into a brand new arena for future matches. It's like we were never away.

Previous Episodes

Richard Herring Me1 Versus Me2 Snooker.

Frame 79

8th June 2016.   41 minutes.

Frame 79: Big Brexit. After the death of arguably the greatest sportsman of all time, Me1 and Me2 must get back together for a frame in honour of that man,...


Me1 versus Me2 Snooker.

Frame 78

21st April 2016.   21 minutes.

Frame 78: It’s Better Than Drinking Alone - After a heady night and a kickstarter triumph, the players relax with a little drink. It seems to hit them hard though...


Garry Shandling.

Frame 77

16th April 2016.   23 minutes.

Frame 77: Vice-Versa. At times tonight it almost feels like the players have swapped styles of play. Is it possible that they could have switched bodies when they already have...


Richard Herring - Me1 Versus Me2 Snooker.

Frame 76

7th April 2016.   25 minutes.

Frame 76: But Is It Art? Excitingly or annoyingly depending on which Me you are, the Mes have been invited to perform in an extreme performance art event in June,...


Me1 Versus Me2 Snooker.

Frame 75

11th March 2016.   20 minutes.

Frame 75: To Kill (beat) a Mockingbird (mocking snooker player). It's the third frame in a night and so the chat is kept to a minimum and the snooker does...


Richard Herring Snooker.

Frame 74

4th March 2016.   19 minutes.

Frame 74: Big Brexit (Break). Everyone has been given a kick up the arse and is trying properly now. And it's a big frame this week as the result will...


Richard Herring snooker.

Frame 73

27th February 2016.   30 minutes.

Frame 73: A Total Boutros Boutros Shambles. It's been said before many times, but this might be the worst frame of Me1 vs Me2 Snooker of all time. It's amazing...


Richard Herring - Me1 versus Me2 Snooker.

Frame 72

15th February 2016.   17 minutes.

Frame 72: Philip J Rock and Roll. In the third frame played in little over an hour, the intense rivalry of the Mes really comes to the fore, with some...


Richard Herring - Me1 versus Me2 Snooker.

Frame 71

8th February 2016.   19 minutes.

Frame 71: Naked Sauna. Almost straight after the last frame finished these two gladiators of the green board were straight back at it, even though the room was as hot...


Terry Wogan.

Frame 70

1st February 2016.   23 minutes.

Frame 70: Blank-Playing Snooker. In tribute to one god of audio broadcasting, two almost equal gods of audio broadcasting play a frame of snooker against each other. Look at Terry...


Richard Herring - Me1 versus Me2 Snooker.

Frame 69

14th January 2016.   27 minutes.

Frame 69: The 69 Club. By a bizarre coincidence that probably proves that God listens to Me1 Vs Me2 Snooker, we hit Frame 69 as the number 69 dominates the...


Richard Herring - Me1 versus Me2 Snooker.

Frame 68

24th November 2015.   30 minutes.

Frame 68: One Off My Favourite Number. With Me1's wife at a pop concert and Me1's baby asleep upstairs, the Mes dust off their cues and make a last ditch...


Richard Herring - Me1 versus Me2 Snooker.

Frame 67

5th November 2015.   21 minutes.

Frame 67: A Frame Worthy of the Birth Year of the New Jesus. A week has passed for you, but in the dead film critic arena only seconds have gone...


Richard Herring - Me1 versus Me2 Snooker.

Frame 66

29th October 2015.   30 minutes.

Frame 66: Making a Million. The Mes have launched a Kickstarter campaign to try and prove Me1's wife wrong and show her that self-playing snooker can ensure the financial future...


Yogi Bear.

Frame 65

2nd October 2015.   21 minutes.

Frame 65: Someone Likes Yogi. After last week's low energy frame, the Mes pull their fingers out and remind us what Me vs Me snooker is all about - breath-taking,...


Richard Herring - Me1 versus Me2 Snooker.

Frame 64

27th September 2015.   22 minutes.

Frame 64: The Ghost of Brian Sewell Stole Our Score-board. The Mes are back, but in a particularly unenthusiastic manner, as if playing 64 frames of snooker has been a...


Richard Herring - Me1 versus Me2 Snooker.

Frame 63

7th September 2015.   18 minutes.

Frame 63: Talisker Storm. It's an unheard of 3rd frame recorded in one evening, by a man who is very tired after looking after his child alone for 26 hours...


Richard Herring - Me1 versus Me2 Snooker.

Frame 62

28th August 2015.   22 minutes.

Frame 62: Liono Lion Protest. There is a protestor on the snooker board at the start of this frame, recorded just minutes after the last one for the first time...


Me1 versus Me2 snooker.

Frame 61

19th August 2015.   22 minutes.

Frame 61 - The Great Escape. Me1's wife is out of town, so Me1 and Me2 are trying to get as many frames under their belts as possible, whilst the...


Richard Herring: Me1 and Me2 Snooker.

Frame 60

19th June 2015.   22 minutes.

Frame 60: Urine. Some unusual blips in the statistics of former frames means that the players will have mandatory urine tests after this frame. Will the future of self-playing snooker...


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