Me1 vs Me2 Snooker with Richard Herring

Me1 vs Me2 Snooker with Richard Herring: Frame 82

Frame 82: Snooker Wars: A New Hope. It's been about 8 months and the arena has moved and the table has gone from London basement to Hertfordshire attic and nobody involved can remember what is involved in this podcast or what the rules of snooker are. But we're back motherfuckers with a frame wrought with controversy. Is the snooker board true? Is commentator 2 still on board? Where's the snooker scorer? Is Robot Voice booted up. Who will win?

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See Richard on tour. (Will there be any interval snooker?)

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Published: 9th January 2018.   Length: 23 minutes.   Size: 42.6mb

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Me1 vs Me2 Snooker with Richard Herring.

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Me1 versus Me2 Snooker with Richard Herring.

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