RHLSTP with Richard Herring: RHLSTP 164 - Dave Gorman

RHLSTP #164: Dave Gorman - Nigel Havers-based Injustice. Richard celebrates 10 years of podcasting by blowing your comfortable views of the film Toy Story apart like Spike with a firework. His guest has come prepared in an attempt to Louis Theroux Herring, but he isn't Louis Theroux, he is Dave Gorman. They discuss why Dave stepped down as team captain on the panel show What The Dickens?; how to get the Happy Feet knock off Tappy Toes at a knockdown price; how Dave and the short-sightedness of Channel 4 were instrumental in the success of John Oliver; the story behind the righteous take-down of Neil Sean; the next generation of double acts; why you still get incensed when you're a quiz show winner; and how to make your kids' toys talk German. Thanks so much for supporting us during this twelfth series. Series 13 will be along with almost indecent haste.

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  • Published: 31st January 2018
  • Length: 75 mins
  • Size: 104mb


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