Yasmeen Khan
Yasmeen Khan

Yasmeen Khan

  • Actor, writer, director, producer and comedian

Press clippings

Citizen Khan: Culturally comedic or overtly offensive?

Yasmeen Khan writes about the reaction of those that have complained about Citizen Khan.

Yasmeen Khan, British Comedy Guide, 29th August 2012

Jeff Leach interview

An interview with Jeff Leach, whose status has changed from 'sex addict' to 'in a relationship'.

Yasmeen Khan, British Comedy Guide, 9th August 2012

Asian comedy: And now for our sketch about the Taliban

For years Asian comedians - and audiences - were a novelty on the circuit. Not any more, says Yasmeen Khan.

Yasmeen Khan, The Independent, 19th July 2011

What did Last of the Summer Wine teach us?

After 37 years of capers from Compo and his pals, Last of the Summer Wine says goodbye this week. One thing it has taught us, says Yasmeen Khan, is that elderly people can still have fun.

Yasmeen Khan, BBC News, 23rd August 2010

The Times Review

(The reviews starts half-way down the article). On Saturday there was a fine documentary presented by Yasmeen Khan. As with British Asian cricketers and footballers, the Establishment - ie, Radio 4 - attitude seemed to be that there was nothing stopping Asian comedians from making their way in their chosen field, but until they had proved themselves they weren't going to get the chance.

Chris Campling, The Times, 2nd December 2008

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