Will Mars
Will Mars

Will Mars

  • Stand-up comedian
Will Mars

Will Mars is a stand-up comedian.

Year Production Role
2023 Now & Then Director
2023 Now & Then Writer
2023 Now & Then Will (Voice)
2022 Will Mars: My Life in One-Liners Self
2022 Joke Thieves Development Creator
2021 Will Mars: My Life's a Joke! Self
2021 Will Mars: Life in One-Liners Self
2019 The Mars & Lee Show Self
2019 Sketch Thieves Host / Presenter
2019 Joke Thieves Host / Presenter
2019 Will Mars: Phoenix Self
2018 Will Mars: Candid Cafe Self
2018 Joke Thieves Host / Presenter
2017 Sketch Thieves Self
2017 Joke Thieves Self
2017 Will Mars: This Self
2016 Will Mars: Schtick Shift Self
2015 Routines Self
2015 Will Mars: Outspoken White Guy Self
2015 Joke Thieves Self
2014 Will Mars: As Good As My Audience Self
2014 Joke Thieves Self
2013 Will Mars: Americana Self
2013 Joke Thieves Self
Joke Thieves Creator
Dave Funniest Joke Of The Fringe Award 2022
Main Award (Nominee)
Dave Funniest Joke Of The Fringe Award 2021
Main Award (Nominee)
Malcolm Hardee Awards 2021
Cunning Stunt (Winner)
NATYS: New Acts of the Year Show 2018
Top of the Bill (Nominee)
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