Will Mars
Will Mars

Will Mars

  • Stand-up comedian
Will Mars
Will Mars is a stand-up comedian.

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Dave Funniest Joke Of The Fringe Award 2021
Main Award: Nominee
Malcolm Hardee Awards 2021
Cunning Stunt: Winner


Year Production Role
2022 Will Mars: My Life in One-Liners Coming Soon Self
2022 Joke Thieves In Development Creator
2021 Will Mars: My Life's a Joke! Self
2021 Will Mars: Life in One-Liners Self
2019 Will Mars: Phoenix Self
2019 The Mars & Lee Show Self
2019 Sketch Thieves Host / Presenter
2019 Joke Thieves Host / Presenter
2018 Will Mars: Candid Cafe Self
2018 Joke Thieves Host / Presenter
2017 Sketch Thieves Self
2017 Joke Thieves Self
2017 Will Mars: This Self
2016 Will Mars: Schtick Shift Self
2015 Routines Self
2015 Will Mars: Outspoken White Guy Self
2015 Joke Thieves Self
2014 Will Mars: As Good As My Audience Self
2014 Joke Thieves Self
2013 Will Mars: Americana Self
2013 Joke Thieves Self
Joke Thieves Creator

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