Will Cooper (I)

  • English
  • Writer and script editor

Press clippings

Will and Owen Cooper interview

The Cooper Brothers are a writing duo with credits for Mock The Week, The Dog Ate My Homework, Celebrity Juice and LOADS of other big comedy shows across TV and radio. They have a CV that will make even the most experienced writers envious and are now taking on short stories and TikTok. I've been hoping to chat with them for a while and they did not disappoint!

The Comedy Loser, 4th December 2022

Jesting About 2 - The Results

Over 600 comedy scripts and sketches were submitted, from which 31 talented individuals have been selected to take part.

BBC, 9th January 2012

Jesting About: Search on for new comedy talent

A diverse bunch - from comedians Gavin Webster and John Scott to newcomers like Nitin Kundra and Will and Owen Cooper - were all supported. The resultant scripts were recorded in front of a live studio audience and hard-boiled down into a half hour of radio magic.

BBC, 17th November 2011

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