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Kai Samra interview

Friday 18th October 2019

Kai Samra lived rough around Soho; now his debut show gets a run at the Soho Theatre. Underclass also features at least one far-right leader and some unsavoury characters from the comedy business.


Ed Byrne interview

Tuesday 8th October 2019

His new show's getting good reviews, but he's got a system for the bad ones. Meanwhile he's using the kids as a device, and his Tweets are full of mountaintop scenes. Has Ed Byrne worked out the unlikely secret to long-term stand-up success?


Random 8: Tiernan Douieb

Tuesday 24th September 2019

He talks politics to kids, and podcasts about it for adults, but which Play School veteran would he choose as our next Prime Minister?


John-Luke Roberts interview

Monday 23rd September 2019

Late in the Edinburgh Fringe we hunkered down with John-Luke Roberts to talk about his splendidly-crafted but stupidly-named new show - now on tour - plus TV writing, tricky audience sizes, Izzard, Python, his early stuff, his awkward stuff, and that surprising award snub last year.


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Press Clippings

Meet the grandparents

Si Hawkins chats to Joe Bor, Alice Fraser and James McNicholas, whose Fringe shows are inspired by their grandfather's lives.

Si Hawkins, Fest Mag, 24th July 2019

Music takes a funny turn at this year's Fringe

Edinburgh's Fringe has long been a platform for musicians who have morphed into comedians. We look at a few appearing this year.

Si Hawkins, The Emirates National, 4th August 2018

Barry Ferns: sociable climber?

A true Fringe stalwart, Barry Ferns now has his own comedy club down south. But as he tells Si Hawkins, he's not done with Edinburgh just yet.

Si Hawkins, Fest Mag, 26th July 2018

The stand-ups taking slapstick into a care home

The residents were expecting bingo. Instead they got lessons in strawberry spitting, a Railway Children spoof - and a stuntman stripping to his underpants...

Si Hawkins, The Guardian, 21st November 2017

Cally Beaton interview

Viacom - including Comedy Central - bigwig and new stand-up Cally Beaton tells us all about her fascinating career.

Si Hawkins, British Comedy Guide, 17th August 2017

Ian Stone

Comedian Ian Stone tells us about his best and worst gigs, a cracking Snoop Dogg joke, and some memorable reviews.

Si Hawkins, British Comedy Guide, 17th August 2017

Don't give up the day job

Doctor by day, standup by night? A funny media exec? A Late Night Gimp Fighter-cum-barrister? The world of comedy is moonlighting central, as Si Hawkins finds out.

Si Hawkins, Fest Mag, 22nd July 2017

Dane Baptiste interview

Dane Baptiste talks about writing and starring in Sunny D.

Si Hawkins, British Comedy Guide, 16th November 2016