Ronald Shiner British Comedy Triple Bill

Ronald Shiner British Comedy Triple Bill

Triple bill of British comedies starring Ronald Shiner.

In Beauty And The Barge (1937) Ethel Smedley (Judy Gunn) disobeys her father and runs off to be with naval Lieutenant Seton Boyne (Jack Hawkins). Meanwhile, barge Captain Barley (Gordon Harker) uses his charm to romance Mrs. Baldwin (Margaret Rutherford) but he later finds himself also taking in Ethel.

In Keep It Clean (1956) advertiser Bert Lane (Shiner) attempts to promote his brother-in-law's new cleaning machine, backed by a member of the Purity League. It isn't easy, but he eventually helps the product go public.

In Not Wanted On Voyage (1957) Shiner and Brian Rix star as cabin stewards bound for Tangiers aboard a Mediterranean cruise ship. The two bumbling stewards attempt to uncover the identity of a jewel thief and recover the priceless diamonds stolen from a wealthy passenger.

First released: Monday 23rd May 2016

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