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'The Kemps: All Gold' cast revealed

Music documentary spoof The Kemps: All Gold, a follow-up to the 2020 special The Kemps: All True, is coming to BBC Two this December. Guest stars include Christopher Eccleston, Adil Ray, Tamzin Outhwaite and Status Quo guitarist Francis Rossi.

British Comedy Guide, 16th November 2023

The choppy sitcom ends with a strong focus on family - not surprising, given it's set on the eve of Sue and Trev's wedding. After Sue's frightful mum comes in for her wedding "do" - "Atomic Mutton" - the salon owner (wonderful Doon Mackichan) turns into a nervous teenager in front of a mysterious customer. Who is she to Sue?

Elsewhere, Marianne's (or should that be Martin's?) dad comes in for an awkward chat and Trev (Paul Reynolds) finds the most disgusting way ever of getting a wedding ring. Silly, rude and funny.

David Crawford, Radio Times, 3rd July 2013

Doon Mackichan stars as the proprietor of a down-market hair salon in the promising new comedy Quick Cuts. It's not the most original idea in the world for a sitcom, but it is a robust one, with the turnover of customers giving you all kinds of opportunity for comic interludes that are a break from the ensemble dynamic ("Do you ever worry that you might be the anti-Christ," asked one pensive punter).

And it has a very good cast, including Lucinda Dryzek as Becks, the resident airhead and Jessica Gunning as a staff member trying to break a long sexual drought. It's described as semi-improvised in the Radio Times. I do hope that one of the improvised moments was when Mackichan sheared a clean swathe through the hair of her errant boyfriend, Trevor - a genuinely unexpected sight-gag. But if so, Paul Reynolds deserves some kind of medal for staying in character.

Tom Sutcliffe, The Independent, 20th June 2013

Tony Bagley's comedy is set in 1959 at the Common Cold Unit. It really existed, a unit of Nissen huts where volunteers took part, unpaid, in a 40-year experiment to determine the causes and obtain a cure for the common cold. The rules were strict. Bagley's characters get tangled up in them. Barry (Paul Reynolds) is a trade union official who's been coming there for years. When John, his roommate, is accused of breaking the rule on proximity, Barry takes on the establishment. Lillian (Alex Tregear), another outsider, admires Barry's stance. Cupid hovers.

Gillian Reynolds, The Telegraph, 10th September 2009

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