Pat Coombs: The Authorised Biography

By Andrew Ross

Pat Coombs was the unsung heroine of British comedy. With her distinctive looks and incredible array of funny voices she was instantly recognisable. A favourite 'foil' to many of Britain's top entertainers, including Bob Monkhouse, Ted Ray and Dick Emery, her career spanned more than fifty years.

A true Cockney, born within the sound of Bow Bells, Pat was a star on radio from the 1950s and went on to become a much-loved face on television with appearances in countless series, ranging from Beggar My Neighbour and Don't Drink The Water to You're Only Young Twice and EastEnders.

Interspersed with a string of small screen hits were roles in the Carry On films and numerous appearances in television adverts and quiz shows (including Celebrity Squares and Blankety Blank), all of which made her a firm fixture in British entertainment.

In this unashamedly affectionate biography, Andrew Ross draws upon Pat's personal archive, as well as memories from family and colleagues and his own five-year friendship with 'Patty', to chart her life and remarkable career.

"There can't be anyone with anything bad to say about her," said one of Pat's friends. Indeed few actresses have been so loved, not only for their talent as a performer but also for the sweetness of their real-life personality.

From her earliest days in wartime London to the final years of her life (when she stoically battled ill-health to continue working), this authorised biography is a tribute to an unforgettable lady who touched the lives of many generations.

First published: Friday 27th August 2021

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