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Ronnie Corbett is back! Not in the outsized armchair, telling shaggy dog stories about his producer, but in series two of the cockle-warming sitcom by Sorry! scribes Ian Davidson and Peter Vincent. The deep-voiced micro-comic plays Sandy Hopper, still hunkering down in the family home until his ancient dog Henry expires. Daughter Ellie wants to get her reluctant son Tyson into an academy school, but Sandy doesn't know who to side with. A blizzard of comic detail peppers the tale of middle-class pretension, and it's a charming vehicle for Corbett. Liza Tarbuck channels the spirit of Pat Coombs as Sandy's lodger Dolores.

Mark Braxton, Radio Times, 25th July 2011

This was an absolutely dire spin-off of the hugely popular 1970s sitcom, On The Buses. Stephen Lewis' bus inspector Blakey ("I 'ate you, Butler!") goes to live in Spain with his spinster sister (played by 70s sitcom stalwart Pat Coombs). Although On The Buses is enjoying a renaissance on cable/satellite, Don't Drink The Water has disappeared...

Lorna Cooper, MSN Entertainment, 12th August 2008

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