Jason Manford to host BBC quiz show Unbeatable

Thursday 21st January 2021, 11:44am

  • Jason Manford is to host TV game show Unbeatable
  • Producers says: "This knockout competition is full of fun knowledge and easy to play along for viewers at home"
  • 50 episodes are being filmed, to be broadcast as part of BBC One's afternoon schedule later this year
Jason Manford.

Jason Manford is to host a new TV quiz show.

The comedian is filming 50 episodes of Unbeatable, for BBC One's afternoon schedule.

It's his latest game show job, following on from First & Last, the comic quiz show he hosted on BBC One in January last year.

Talking about Unbeatable, the producers explain: "In this quiz, the four contestants can always give an answer - but can they give the 'Unbeatable' answer and streak ahead of the competition to win a cash prize? This knockout competition is full of fun knowledge and easy to play along for viewers at home. Contestants and viewers will soon see just how 'unbeatable' they are..."

Jason Manford comments: "I know how important daytime quizzes are for a lot of people, I used to sit with my Nana Manford and mum watching them, they keep the brain going, they're a chuckle and I'm really looking forward to being a part of this exciting brand new one. The great thing about Unbeatable is you don't even need to know the actual answer to appear clever. I feel like this is the quiz show I've been waiting for my whole life."

Carla-Maria Lawson from the BBC says: "Unbeatable is a real treat for Daytime's quiz-savvy viewers who love to play along, and with Jason at the helm we can promise there'll also be plenty of laughs along the way."

Nick Mather from Possessed, the company making the show, say: "Unbeatable sees players pit their answers against one another in battles that test their knowledge and ultimately the courage of their convictions. Do they believe they have the Unbeatable answer? You can never predict what will happen and yet Jason Manford, always has a brilliant off-the-cuff joke up his sleeve. Unbeatable game and Unbeatable host!"

Each episode of Unbeatable will be 45 minutes long, with filming taking place in Glasgow. It will broadcast on BBC One afternoons later this year.

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