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Eddie Izzard and Gemma Arterton to star in Disney+ series Culprits

Disney+ has announced Eddie Izzard and Gemma Arterton will co-star in its new British comic thriller Culprits.

British Comedy Guide, 15th February 2022

Lenny Henry charms in Neil Gaiman's Anansi Boys: review

Around 20 years ago, the comedian-turned-actor complained to Gaiman that there weren't enough horror movies with black leads; Anansi Boys was Gaiman's attempt to write one, though his idea for a film script instead became a novel, and the horror came laced with comedy.

Tristram Fane Saunders, The Telegraph, 26th December 2017

BBC Radio's Christmas 2017 highlights

BBC Radio has announced its festive comedy offerings for 2017. Radio 4 will celebrate 50 years of Just A Minute, whilst other specials include comedy drama Anansi Boys, 15 Minute Musical, Dead Ringers and Count Arthur Strong.

British Comedy Guide, 22nd November 2017

What are the cast of 'Misfits' doing now?

Here's a look at what some of those cast members are doing now, just over two years since the show ended...

Sophie Davies, Cult Box, 6th March 2016

Nathan Stewart-Jarrett: Misfits was a huge education

Discovering new sides to Curtis was thrilling, says the actor - but Misfits was also the scene of his most embarrassing moment.

Alexia Skinitis, Radio Times, 14th April 2012

Tonight, the teen drama pays homage to Superman while remaining tongue-in-cheek enough to get away with it. The masked superhero who appears to have chosen bolshy Alisha (Antonia Thomas) as his Lois Lane finally reveals his identity and turns out to be both hunky and strangely familiar. Romance is also on the cards for Nathan (Robert Sheehan) and Kelly (Lauren Socha), until he insults her tattooist, who wreaks inky revenge. Meanwhile, Curtis (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett) proves as fickle as his girlfriend Alisha and falls head over heels in lust with another mouthy lady. Don't expect this gutsy show to dissolve into a saccharine snog-fest, however. There's a tense scene involving a bag of dry-roasted peanuts, blue gags galore and enough tenderness to make you really care about these ham-fisted heroes.

Claire Webb, Radio Times, 25th November 2010

Video: Misfits interview

An interview with Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, Iwan Rheon and Antonia Thomas.

Digital Spy, 11th November 2010

The streetwise superhero drama settles into its stride, as it focuses on one character per week. Tonight it's disgraced sprinter Curtis (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett), who rewinds time to the night he was arrested for drug possession but finds that altering history is complicated. Cleverly, this device also gives us a glimpse of the gang's lives before they met up on community service or gained their special abilities.

Michael Hogan, The Telegraph, 31st July 2010

As this super-powered Skins begins to hot up, time-travel-endowed athlete Curtis (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett) tries to change what happened the night he was arrested for drug possession. But he soon learns he can't have his cake and eat it. We also learn how Curtis's spectacularly annoying Asbo associate Nathan (Robert Sheehan) talked himself into trouble after his pick 'n' mix fiasco. It's a hormonal, highly charged episode that plays like a grungey Groundhog Day. Powered by dark dynamics and a pumping soundtrack, Misfits certainly rocks the house - but it's not for the easily embarrassed.

Mark Braxton, Radio Times, 31st July 2010

Still matching the comic twists and invention of the opening episodes, this tale of five misfits with strange powers remains one of the year's best comedies on E4. As Sally (Alex Reid) tries to prove the gang is responsible for the disappearance of Tony, she focuses on Simon (Iwan Rheon) but he misreads her interest in him. Also, Curtis (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett) tries to end things with Sam.

Simon Horsford, The Telegraph, 10th December 2009

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