Luke Evans

One of the best comic adaptations you've not heard of

In 2010, comic book movies were already big, but it would be two years before the first Avengers movie would hit theaters and they became an unstoppable force. So it was an ideal time for Tamara Drewe, a movie that was, and still very much is, an exception to the rules of the genre.

Andrea Thompson, The Young Folks, 24th September 2018

Last episode in the current run of Ross's chatshow. As is often the case, it's a thinly veiled plug for an upcoming movie, in this case the imminent Eddie The Eagle. Taron Egerton and Hugh Jackman both appear, just in case we hadn't quite got the message from their earlier encounter with Ant & Dec. Plugging another new film - an adaptation of JG Ballard's High-Rise - is Luke Evans. Comedian Shazia Mirza is also on the bill, and there's music from Primal Scream, touting their hilariously titled new album, Chaosmosis.

Andrew Mueller, The Guardian, 19th March 2016

Frears and screenwriter Moira Buffini make a funny, touching and witty film out of Posy Simmonds' marvellous cartoon strip that spatchcocks awful middle-class country life. Gemma Arterton is a delightful Tamara Drewe, the young woman who returns to her native west country village with a nose-job, micro-shorts and an ambition to write a chicklit blockbuster; she understandably stirs up the passions of ex-boyfriend Andy (Luke Evans), pop star Ben (Dominic Cooper) and slimy middle-aged philanderer Nicholas (Roger Allam).

Paul Howlett, The Guardian, 21st December 2012