Jimmy Tarbuck
Jimmy Tarbuck

Jimmy Tarbuck

  • 84 years old
  • English
  • Actor, stand-up comedian and presenter

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Jimmy Tarbuck breaks down as he talks about abuse claim

The comedian spoke for the first time about the historic abuse claims made against him that were dropped.

Natalie Corner, The Mirror, 21st September 2015

Des O'Connor and Jimmy Tarbuck join forces at Palladium

The gala night in October will raise funds for The Royal Variety Charity.

What's On Stage, 12th August 2015

Jimmy Tarbuck review

When Jimmy Tarbuck bounded onto the stage of the Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds on Saturday, he looked as fresh and energetic as the young comic who took TV by storm in the 1960's.

Georgy Jamieson, Bury Free Press, 5th May 2015

Jimmy Tarbuck will not face abuse charges

Comedian Jimmy Tarbuck has been released without charge after his arrest over an allegation of child sex abuse dating back to the 1970s.

BBC News, 24th March 2014

Jimmy Tarbuck rebailed over child abuse claim

Comedian Jimmy Tarbuck has been rebailed over allegations of child sex abuse.

BBC News, 29th July 2013

Jimmy Tarbuck offered £50k for doing 'Mr & Mrs'

Comic Jimmy Tarbuck got a £50,000 payday from ITV days before his shock arrest over claims he sexually assaulted a boy.

Colin Robertson, The Sun, 9th June 2013

Cops probe Jimmy Tarbuck 'sex attack on man No2'

Police are investigating a second sex assault claim against Jimmy Tarbuck, The Sun can reveal.

Emily Andrews, The Sun, 22nd May 2013

Jimmy Tarbuck arrested over alleged 1970s sex attack

Jimmy Tarbuck has been arrested over an alleged sexual assault on a young boy in the 1970s.

Daily Mail, 6th May 2013

John Lennon spiked Jimmy Tarbuck's drink as a joke

John Lennon spiked Jimmy Tarbuck's drink with speed, the comedian has claimed.

The Sun, 20th May 2012

The link between The Apprentice and Show Me the Funny was suddenly obvious. First, we have a competition for entrepreneurs who can't... entrepren. Then, on Show Me the Funny, we were introduced to a succession of comedian-contestants who weren't funny.

This "Show/Funny" thing, an attempt to find Britain's best new stand-up in six weeks, was a bizarrely cack-handed production, which didn't let us see any of the contestants be funny or even perform. During all their on-stage performances, someone called ]Jason Manford was being filmed in the wings, trying to be funny about the people out there failing to be funny, but who we couldn't see failing to be funny, which would have been more fun. Finally, funnily, we got one brief clip of a Spanish/Welsh chap managing to alienate a roomful of drunk Liverpudlian women. Ignacio Lopez got it wrong. He strode, swayed, rubbed his crotch, told them he was half-Welsh, half-Spanish, all sexy. "Some of you might recognise me as the barman you slept with two years ago in Magaluf! If you don't have my number, ask the lady on your left!" This was an audience which would have potentially weed itself at mention of the word "sausage", as ever-punchable guest judge Jimmy Tarbuck knows. Yet Liverpool is still strong on nuance, gentility and intent, and Liverpool hasn't been as quiet since the day after it was bombed. I'm surprised Lopez left alive. There were no contenders with wit other than the brave and lucky Ellie Taylor, who is also a former model. For some, life works.

Euan Ferguson, The Observer, 24th July 2011

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