Ian Wright (I)

It's 10 years since 'They Think It's All Over' ended

Can you believe that it's ten years since the last ever episode of They Think It's All Over? The sport-themed British comedy panel game was first shown in September 1995 and ran for nineteen seasons on BBC One before coming to an end in 2006 after over a decade on air.

David Somerset, Cult Box, 14th November 2016

Radio Times review

Two startling moments arrive in rapid succession this week. The first is Arsenal legend and football pundit Ian Wright launching what's more or less a feminist critique of Grease: as the father of daughters, he disapproves of the hoops the female characters have to jump through, and indeed the trousers they have to squeeze into, to be deemed worthy of the males. In the consequent badinage, host Frank Skinner claims not to be able to sing "Hopelessly Devoted" to You without bawling. He's willing to demonstrate.

Hard pushed to compete with this are Joanna Scanlan, who accurately details the top no-nos when sharing a butter knife, and spider-hater Noel Fielding.

Jack Seale, Radio Times, 12th January 2016